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The Therapy Experience

Do you need help? But scared to ask for it.. Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Are you afraid to look weak and having trouble controlling your emotions? Do you even know where to begin? 

Let me tell you...


These are all common fears people have when seeking therapy. We all experience times in our lives when our ability to cope is surpassed by stressful situations or experiences. These experiences will either paralyze us or present us with an opportunity for personal growth. 


Whether it's as a result of mental health, substance abuse, or just simply feeling stuck! Therapy provides the opportunity to help you learn how to respond and cope with life's challenges in healthy way. Our community is healing through therapy and going after the life they want. You should too! You deserve to be happy! You deserve to live the life you want... Unapologetically.......

Here at Free Baltimore our services are catered to individuals that typically do not seek mental health treatment. We serve individuals as young as 7 & as wise as 65. Our professional team work with marginalized populations to address the unique challenges of individuals, couples, and families in urban environments.


We are not for everyone!


Our approach to treatment is non traditional and includes real-world solutions combined with evidence-based theories/practices, skill building, emotional awareness & accountability for personal growth.

Our clinical expertise includes addressing issues such as mental health symptom management, life transitions, relationships, communication breakdowns, trauma, breaking generational curses, gender roles, behavioral challenges & social emotional development in adolescents.

Whether you are seeking clarity to understand yourself, improve your relationships and/or just need support. We are here for you.


Let us assist you with taking care of your mental health!



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