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Our Story 

Free Baltimore is dedicated to  dismantling the stigma of mental illness & treatment. As well as the systemic barriers of discrimination that disproportionately impact mental/behavioral healthcare in LGBTQ+ & individuals marginalized identities.The pressing need to create & provide quality, culturally affirming & responsive behavioral health practices is tackled through increasing awareness, collective education, community, promoting self expression, equity, accountability, empowerment, compassion,  celebrating resiliency & HEALING.... 


The Visionaries

Are lifelong residents of Baltimore, community activist, advocates & intersectionally conscious providers that understand the interplay of systematic power, privilage & oppression on behavioral healthcare.


 The team is comprised of mavericks and trailblazers in the behavioral health field,  who are dedicated to creating a safe and sacred space to help marginalized individuals & communities heal their emotional, mental & behavioral struggles while restoring balance and harmony to their lives.


Our hand selected team of  professionals offer a unique combination expertise  in behavioral health, life experiences & character. Our clinical team is not for EVERYONE! ..........But if you want to be empowered, develop greater self awareness, heal & to become a BETTER YOU....

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